Indeed Uganda is really a classic adventurous tourism destination from the moment you leave the plane at Entebbe International Airport to setting your foot on the forested shores of lake Victoria which is the largest freshwater body in Africa and the second largest in the world world after lake Superior in USA. The warm welcoming and accommodative people give you a picture of what to expect on your visit.

Uganda is a wonderful new world which is home to a plethora sites of nature great for adventure and among those sites is Kidepo Valley National Park which lies in the northeast on the South Sudanese border is about 9~10hrs drive from Kampala and about 2hrs flight on a charter plane from Entebbe.

A wilderness park, dry, hot and isolated from Uganda’s mainstream is spectacular, magnificent and virgin waiting to be discovered. Kidepo is one of Africa’s last great wilderness area with rugged Savannah dominated by the 2,750m Mount Morungole and transected by the Kidepo and Narus river. The perennial water make Kidepo an Oasis in the semi-desert and hosts about 500 birds and almost 77 mammal species out of which 28 species occurring nowhere else in Uganda.

Game viewing is exciting all year around and it will get you close encounters of pure African wild like Lions and Cheetahs prowling the open plains whilst a leopard relaxing in the tree branches plus the delightful bat-eared fox, insectivorous hyena-like aardwolf and a list of dry country antelopes can not be missed out and so is bird watching. While the game drives can be excellent, walking safaris across the Narus Valley, hiking Mount Morungole and looking out for the Karamojong people are among the other activities not to be missed out.

In the dry season it is worth the drive just to visit the seasonal Kidepo river and scroll along it’s 50m wide bed of white sand between banks covered with Borassus palm trees. So if you are dreaming of pure adventure in East Africa then look no further than our Mobile Tented Safaris. They offer unbeatable value for your money as they are comfortable and flexible as you wish and they are priced accordingly


Osman Munyirwa