Cultural Diversity of Uganda 

Uganda is not only a country richly blessed with lots of wildlife, birds, great weather, breath taking landscapes, but also with a rich diversity of untapped culture and heritage. With more than 50 tribes, a cultural safari across Uganda is an ultimate special immersion into the diversity of the country. From the assorted cultural mosaic of music, art, food and hand crafts to the cultural norms, the rituals, and royal regalia the experience is unmatched. The major tribal groups include the Bantu, Nilotic and the Nilo-hermites. Each encounter, presents you with a different set of practices and beliefs.

The central region is mostly inhabited by the Bantu specifically the Baganda whose history is mostly synonymous with that of Uganda. Other Bantu tribes include the Banyankole, Bakiga, Batooro in western Uganda, Busoga, Bagisu Bagwere among others, then the northern and eastern area of the country are mostly the nilotics who include the Acholis, Itesots, langis, Alur Karamojongs, Iks to mention but these, they were the first cattle herding people in the area, but later relied on cultivation to supplement their livestock. The central sudanic people most of whom live in the north western part of the country include the lugbaras, Alurus, madis, among others speak a similar language and have strong cultural similarities.

Although there are numerous languages spoken across the country there are two official languages which are English and Swahili, however not the entire population is fluent in either language. Like it is in many countries dance is one of the most important part of most of the cultural ceremonies along with songs something you can experience on your cultural safari in Uganda. Other rites of passage such as marriage, birth rites, initiation are very important in the different cultures and may vary significantly. There is also a great wealth of Archeological, historical and religious sites that offer a great experience and in-depth understanding of Uganda. Join us on a Journeys through Uganda to explore the cultural diversity of the pearl of Africa through our tailor made safari packages based on your needs and enjoy the warmth and friendliness of the Ugandan people.