Wildlife Photography Safaris Capturing Uganda 

Wildlife Photography Safaris provide a life time opportunity for professional and amateur photographers to discover the wonders of Africa in the heart of Pearl of Africa’s Wilderness and the last pristine tribes and cultures in Uganda whilst perfecting the art of wildlife photography. Our photography tours generally cater for small groups and are conducted with a professional grade guide, guaranteeing individualized attention and on-going instructions.

Normally we use safari vehicles that carry a maximum of 6 photographers but depending on the equipment one carries along, this number could be reduced to 3 photographers per safari vehicle in order to avail ample space to operate your equipment as well as quick access to the window or open roof top to make vivid and steady photos or videos.

For these safari types one does not have to necessarily be professional photographer to join these trips, but one can surely learn a big deal about wildlife photography during these safaris as there is plenty of time to engage with the real professionals who will definitely steam up your interests and answering your questions.

The interesting fact is that these trips come with unlimited safari drives depending on the photographic needs of the guests and the wildlife that they much want to emphasis or photograph. In this way, through our network of safari guides spread out in the park, its rare that you will miss out on any of your preferred photography wildlife even if its a nocturnal dweller we do arrange night game drives from our mobile tented camps.

These photographic safaris are truly designed for you to get the best out of your wildlife photographic experience both on the game drive and at your camping vicinity amidst wildlife game so that the action never stops even in your relaxing mode.