While the emphasis of a Uganda safari is often on mountain gorillas – there are plenty of other specialised creatures and places to be seen & enjoyed. From Kidepo Valley, a hot and isolated area dominated by Mount Morungole and their associated species to Murchison falls national park which is home to the most powerful falls in the whole world, also hosting approximately 76 species of mammals and then there are the sprawling savannah in Queen Elizabeth national park with classic big game and it’s humid forests are home about 10 primate species.

When on a safari to Uganda, the differences to be experienced will range from extreme to subtle. The spectacular and magnificent wilderness in Uganda can best be enjoyed on a mobile tented safari which is arguably one of the most exhilarating ways to experience African wildlife up close and personal.

Offering flexibility and privacy, mobile safaris are tailored to suit absolutely anyone from first time safari goers to seasonal safari travellers. Safaris are uniquely tailored to incorporate special interests of any travel group including professional photographers, birding groups, adventure enthusiasts, honeymoons and families with children of any age.

Mobile tented safaris are classified and categorised into different ways giving a traveller a chance to choose what one can embark on namely;

  • Luxury Mobile Tented Safari.

Here the luxury mobile camps are erected exclusively for a private group on a private campsite with unlimited bush activities. The luxury mobiles are versatile and flexible for each guest group, more so customised around specific preferences.

  • Standard Mobile Tented Safari.

For this kind of safari, a group of guests is accommodated in 3m x 3m dome tents having 4 meals with a 2 course menu per day and the campsites are private with shared camp showers and bush toilets. This can best suit anyone on a moderate budget.

An African mobile tented safari is one of the most amazing life experience and when considering how to ensure the best experience from your safari, in our own view the most important aspects to consider are diversity and logistics. It for this reason that we attempt to provide as seamless a journey as possible.

Be part of our wilderness experience on our breathtaking wilderness camping safaris in East Africa.


Author: Munyirwa Osman Ganja