For our full-­service safari, we use comfortable 3.5m x 3.5m Meru tents with en-suite bathroom! Inside the tents, we provide beds with proper mattresses and bed-linen, plus a small table with a lantern. Out in front of the tent, you have a basin for washing your hands that is filled with clean water every morning, lunch, and evening. Out behind the tent, you will find your en-suite long-­drop toilet plus a shower that is filled up with hot water whenever you like. Inside the tent, you can see that the camping bed is covered so that you have a real mattress and bed-linen. The tents have flaps on all sides and up top, so you can open them at your leisure.


On our full-­service safaris, we bring along a private chef to cook wonderful food for you over an open fire. We serve wholesome and delicious meals under the African skies! Mornings start off with coffee, biscuits, yoghurt, and cereal before we head out on your morning drive. On the drive, we stop for a coffee break out in the bush, and it’s time for brunch when we return — often a nice salad complete with eggs, meat, and vegetables. After a brief siesta, we offer coffee and tea with biscuits and fruit before heading back out on safari. Coming back to camp, as the day fades away, you will have time to shower up before dinner is served.


All our safari vehicles are custom designed to ensure the best wildlife viewing and comfort. This is crucial when spending up to 8-hours a day game viewing from the vehicle. For the best game viewing; Ujambo Boots Safaris uses Land Cruiser vehicles, the Ujambo Boots Safari vehicle with pop – up roof and great height to view further into the bush and broaden the safari experience. The vehicles are customised with a cooler box, inverter and lots of storage for cameras, binoculars and all your other stuff. We also operate with a Toyota Van 4×4 for transfers of camping equipment and camping stuffs.


Our team has only the best local guides because we know what a difference they make for your safari experience. Their passion, expertise, and dedication will help you have an amazing time interacting with diverse wildlife and traditional African communities. Our guides’ remarkable tracking skills and extensive experience in Uganda’s bush will get you closer to Africa’s gorgeous animals than you ever thought possible.

For an ultimate and extraordinary wilderness experience in Uganda’s bushes, send us an email; info@ubsafaris.com and we will be glad to serve you.


Munyirwa Osman