Mobile camping in truly an unmatched style of experiencing a safari in the pearl of African plains alongside expert-led game drives and thirst-quenching sun downers. As UJambo Boots Safaris, we are here to refine and give you the best experience on your selected Ugandan journey.

The Mobile safari camps are ideally located with classical safari camp feature with a torch of modern-day comforts while staying true to the romantic ambience of the ancient days. A scenic campfire with chairs is prepared each evening for sun-downers. Sit beside the campfire and savor the sounds of the African night, or enjoy spectacular stargazing, before retiring to your tent to relax in an enchanting wilderness atmosphere.

This kind of camping is based on travel mobility and the camp site are set up in the heart of the wilderness action with ease and can be uninstalled, relocated and assembled in a different site within minutes. With only the most essential facilities you will enjoy an authentic as well as classic mobile tented safari experience. The idea of mobile tented camps rests on the will to uproot and resettle the tents at will to give you a foremost experience of different scenic views and landscape experience in the wild. This model of nomadic camping trip truly allows you to get close and personal with nature and relax amidst the most undisturbed ecosystem in the Pearl of Africa’s wilderness where your tent canvas separates you from the real safari game.

In a safari exploration like this, the journeys becomes greater with the sum of its parts. The sense of fulfillment builds like a play in several acts, with secrets revealing themselves slowly as you cover the wilderness ground. The joy you’ll feel afterwards is truly profound and it’s likely you’ll be hooked to the relaxation of the wilderness and its surroundings.

Our Mobile Tented Safari Experience

The unbeatable benefits of benefits experiencing a safari through a mobile tented camp is that it lends itself with a truly immersive experience. This is so because it places you in the heart of wilderness where you can get up-close and personal with the raged beauty of landscapes and pristine environments filled with wildlife. The real magic happens in your eyes when you’re only a canvas wall away from the real jungle action in your scenic environment with animal sounds ranging from the distant.

The Safari experience is undoubtedly comfortable even in the middle of the wilderness. With several tent sizes that come with most necessary amenities, functional furnishings, executive chefs to freshly prepare outstanding delicious meals, a BBQ under the stars on a roaring campfire, amidst other camping experience with refined beauty and simplicity.

In addition, the over land safaris game drives are conducted in a 4WD vehicle designed for better safari viewing experience which adds fun and a sense of back-to-basics exhilaration to enhance your safari adventure.

What is included in your Mobile Tented Safari Camp Experience

  • Comfortable tent (different Sizes) with raised stretcher beds / mattresses
  • Quality Bed linen and towels
  • Flashlight / torch, slippers
  • Four liters of bottled mineral water every day
  • Fully sealed tents with ventilation nets for added natural air conditioning and comfort
  • Each tent is provided with a convenient shoe rack, 2 executive foldable arm-chairs and a coffee table
  • Bathroom facilities with functional waterborne toilets (En-suite or on camping site)
  • Showering facilities with warm water in an upraised tent bucket.
  • Over night patrol guide to ensure your safety.
  • Travel insurance including evacuation coverage with SATIB Tourism Travel

All Ujambo Mobile Safari campsites offer the following amenities and services:

  • Canvas tent and mattresses, inbuilt insect nets, fully functional showers with provisions for warm water and a mobile toilet.
  • Experienced, uniformed, professional and discreet staff and camp assistants.
  • A wealth of knowledge backed by years of experience and pioneers in the field of operating movable/mobile camping in Uganda.
  • All National Park fees, Explorer’s fees, taxes and service charges
  • Unique lunch and full course dinner settings within the camp area or on the local river, under acacia tree canopy of the African savanna in a scenic landscape. However, special settings may change depending on the park visited
  • Atmospheric lighting using a campfire, traditional oil lamps and solar lamps

Due to the nature of the jungle environment we use solar power where electronic devices and camera batteries may be charged at the camp site in the evenings only. There is no electricity in the tent but rather either natural oil lit lanterns or solar lamps with an extra personal night torch provided.

Safari Meals & Dining Experience 

All meals which are served are freshly prepared by our executive chef using the freshest available fruits and vegetables from the local community. Fish and meat items are purchased from local fishermen and a reputable food supplier respectively. All meals are prepared on natural gas and groceries kept in our portable cooling facilities. Special dietary requirements can be catered to upon prior notice.


A BBQ Dinner is arranged on one night which is usually the last night of the safari while basic A la carte meals that blend both Ugandan and western dishes are served every day for Dinner with changing Menus. usually clients are sent their safari dinner menu during the booking process so as to know what to expect and also adjust according to their dietary requests.


Categories of Mobile Tented safari Experiences

Ujambo offers five travel categories where our guests can experience the mobile Tented Safaris. However, different travel packages have inclusions and exclusions.

  1. Semi-Participatory (Budget) Mobile Tented Safari
  2. Standard Mobile Tented Safaris
  3. En-suite Mobile Tented Safaris
  4. Luxury Mobile Tented Safaris

For those who would like to blend the tented safari with lodges, there are numerous lodges in the wildlife areas we tend to explore, so one can split the trip and decide to start with a permanent safari lodge then continue your safari with a tailor-made tented safari experience.  This way you get the best of both worlds.