I, the undersigned agree that:

In this document:

Ujambo Boots Safaris” shall mean all of the companies connected with it in a network of direct and indirect shareholdings (whether holding, subsidiary, associated or affiliated), and all of the companies (including, without limitation, Ujambo boots Safaris), organizations, trusts, associations and entities that are directly or indirectly owned, managed and/or controlled by companies or persons in the above mentioned network, and further including all directors,

“Wildlife area” shall mean and include all wildlife and other areas in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda where Ujambo Boots Safaris carries out operations or does business and further includes areas owned or controlled by persons who provide facilities or services to or on behalf of Ujambo Boots Safaris, or to guests and clients of Ujambo boots Safaris and;

Activities” shall mean and include all events organized or arranged by Ujambo Boots Safaris, specifically including but not limited to all actions related (whether directly or indirectly) to game drives, canoeing, fishing, nature walking safaris/ trails as well as all travelling (whether by vehicle, balloon or aircraft) to or from or within the wildlife area.

  1. I acknowledge that I am aware of and appreciate the real dangers and risks that are associated with wildlife areas and game lodges arising from amongst other things, travelling in an open vehicle over uneven and rough terrain, the presence of wild, unpredictable and dangerous animals, insects and reptiles and the real risk of suffering bodily injury, illness, death and damages. I accept and acknowledge that I enter the wildlife areas and participate in the activity/ies entirely at my own risk;
  2. I waive any and all claims of whatsoever cause or nature, howsoever arising, including negligence which I might have or which might arise against Ujambo Boots Safaris;
  3. Ujambo Boots Safaris shall not be liable to me or any of my dependants for any injury, illness, harm, death, damages of whatsoever nature, or cause. I undertake to indemnify, defend and hold harmless and free, Ujambo Boots Safaris, from any and all claims of whatsoever cause or nature
  4. subject to the jurisdiction of a Uganda Court, then the laws of the African country wherein the incident giving rise to the dispute or claim arose shall govern that dispute or claim, and that country’s courts shall have jurisdiction to the exclusion of all others. No dispute or claim of any nature whatsoever shall be subject to laws or the jurisdiction of any court other than a court in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania or Rwanda;
  5. In the event of injury, Ujambo Boots Safaris may at its discretion and without prejudice or admission of liability arrange and pay for emergency medical treatment, for and on behalf of myself, my spouse, common-law wife/husband, children or dependants, whether minor or adult. I acknowledge that I will be directly responsible to reimburse Ujambo Boots Safaris for these expenses.
  6. Without derogating from the generality of this document, should Ujambo Boots Safaris for any reason whatsoever, not be found to be protected by any of the provisions of, or protections contained in, this document and found to be liable to me, my dependants, my heirs, executor, successors in title, estate, beneficiaries, trustees and/or administrators for any loss or damage suffered, then Ujambo Boots Safaris’ liability shall be limited to the actual proven and direct loss only, such loss however, shall be limited to and shall not to exceed Ush 20,000,000.00 (TWENTY MILLION SHILLINGS). The above said amount shall be all-inclusive and shall include all capital, legal costs and disbursements.
  7. No variation, novation or cancellation of this agreement shall be binding unless reduced to writing and signed by me and an authorized representative of Ujambo Boots Safaris. Each provision of this agreement shall be regarded as a separate and severable provision which is

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In the event of the guest being under the age of 21 years, this document must be signed by his/her natural legal guardian.

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