UB Safaris takes a leading role in sustainable tourism through local community empowerment especially in various areas of Uganda with some of the most exclusive safari holiday destinations and cultural experiences. We travel to some of the least-explored wildernesses, staying in fully serviced mobile tents and enjoying the expertise of highly trained guides is an absolute adventure  whilst seeing some of the continent’s most threatened wildlife in the company of some of its most ancient tribes and cultures.

However, most of these safaris take place in some of the poorest and least developed communities in Uganda or most African nations. These regions often lack stable electricity and safe running water remain a privilege not a right, and where until recently conflict or drought may have ravaged the landscape and its people.

There is, of course, great potential for this wealth to cut through the poverty to empower native communities who have long been without a voice, and to tackle conservation issues such as the extraction of natural resources and that ever-present vice: poaching. But doing so requires the participation of governments and tour operators, local communities and travellers, to ensure that safari is not something we will one day look upon as a quaint holiday of the past while the animals still roamed the continent.