Attitudes to hunting vary across Africa. In Uganda, through UWA trophy hunting has been agreed to and most importantly, these agreements stipulate that 75% of the trophy fees accrue directly to the local communities, while the Government (through UWA) retains only 25%. By making the local communities the major beneficiaries from sport hunting revenues, the wildlife is transformed from a nuisance to be poached to extinction into a valuable resource but only if the communities truly benefit.

What we do

While the short-term benefits of controlled hunting are clear, we still like to believe that there is a third way. The growth of responsible tourism in Africa boosts park revenues and demonstrates that wildlife is worth more alive than dead. Therefore, at Ujambo Boots Safaris we DO NOT arrange or encourage Trophy hunting Safaris and so far, we hope that responsible tourism is seen here as being a longer-term solution and we advocate for the ban on trophy hunting by UWA.

What you can do

Through our Hamjambo-Ujambo Project, we encourage our clients to visit our conservancy communities as there they are contributing to conservation outside of national parks and creating sustainable income in rural areas. By going on a responsible safari holiday, you’re demonstrating that such rifles have no place in the future of safari tourism in Uganda.