Our experience met and surpassed all of our expectations. We found our guide Osman to be delightful and knowledgeable person. He was at once casual, informative, enthusiastic, sharp eyed, a found of the wilderness. His experience level was obviously high for a young man like him. Before the safari we easily agreed on most of our priorities and wishes of the safari and therefore did not waste time in the field and rather concentrated on our interests as a photography group. He made sure we did hurry our observations of various details of landscape, birds, and animals. He was willing to linger or give more info on many identifications or behavior questions. We had superb spotting of birds and mammals, thanks in part to his knowledge of places or time of day. The daily schedule we agreed on suited us well, early out of camp and time mid day to read the books on the mobile safari library back at the camp. He put us close to the cats but always showed respect for the animals space. We never felt overly intrusive. The variety of habitats and landscape in Uganda was greatly viewed according to our itinerary. On our slowest day, we probably still saw hundreds of mammals and dozens of new bird and plants. Although we had several travel days, they were great for us in terms of extended discovery. We had some of our best game spotting on these days, Lions, Hippos, and Buffalo etc. We also saw some rarer raptors and fish eagles making a meal. Our camp changed day to day, the crew was always spot on and almost flawless. We always arrived in a well ordered camp. The cooking was a wonder in itself every evening. Fresh veggies and fruits were a treat, and the exotic foods, tender and well spiced. Our favorite daily break was the morning tea, sundowner breaks and evening camp fires to talk about the highlights of the day and the expectations of the next day. It felt traditional and gave a moment for the grandeur to sink in, often watching Elephants bathe or giraffes grazing. The sounds of the forest are like none other in the world! Uganda is magical but Ujambo Boots Safaris made us view it differently and authentic beyond our expectations.