Imagine falling asleep under a blanket of stars, listening to lions roaring, hyenas yipping or elephants trumpeting in the campsite and the next day you wake up a midst wild action with the orange glow of sunrise filling your tent in the morning. On stepping out of the tent, you sight paw prints just next your tent door.

For one to understand the essence of a safari, he/she will have to embark on a camping safari because it’s the only chance to get up close and personal with the pure African wild and this is done in a variety of ways from semi participatory camping to luxurious camping.

A brief example is that of the “semi participatory safari” where you got to be more adventurous when camping in East Africa. With this type of safari, a guest can help with erecting dome tents, cooking over an open fire and more so a guest engages in different wilderness activities like safaris bush walks, game drives, hiking, community walks, abseiling and many more.

Wilderness camping in East Africa is a real bush experience which will take you into the heart of some of East Africa’s isolated game parks. While in these parks your camping staff will set up tents in designated camps and meals will be served in a big mess tent beneath acacia trees as different game walk past. This is a superb authentic African experience you don’t want to miss out.

At night there is a fantastic star gazing, listening to the amazing African night sounds whilst seated and relaxed with either a cup of tea, soft drink or a cold beer around the camp fire. Campsites are situated in the designated areas in national parks or on private properties for locals in rural villages. Also some of these areas offer permanent ablution with modern day washrooms, communal cooking facilities and others offer bush ablution.

To truly appreciate all that Ujambo Boots Safaris has to offer, why not embark on one of their wilderness camping trips?


Munyirwa Osman Ganja