Over the years tourism is increasingly becoming instrumental in socio – economic development of the country because of improvements which have been registered in the areas of safety and security. For this reason and many others, the country has been named by US – based CNN and UK – based Rough Guides among the world’s top tourism destinations and has also been featured in the world’s renowned National Geographic and Lonely Planet publications. Below are few of the other reasons;


Despite the challenges faced by the security organizations in the recent years like the murders of high profile figures in the country, the government was tasked by the public to introduce cameras in the towns and highways to hasten the identification of anybody who commits a crime in the towns or the highways which the government has successfully down in some major towns.

The Uganda police backed by the UPDF are also using the limited means available to the police in the form of police dogs to detect explosives, scanners, metal detectors and many others against any lawless or terrorist actions.

The recent peaceful holding of the Martyr’s Day where an estimated 3 million people all over the world turned up showed that police and the UPDF have good capacity.



In the old days, roads in Uganda leading to various tourists sites across the country were terrible, poorly maintained and inadequately marked causing high rates of traffic fatalities hence making travels difficult for both travelers and the public but in the recent years the government of Uganda has been able to construct and develop about 30% of the roads in the country.

The road lighting and road signs have also been improved in big towns to help road users to easily recognize driving hazards at night like broke – down vehicles along the road sides, stray animals, drunk drivers and many more.

The Uganda police are playing their part in the enforcement of road safety standards and traffic laws but on your visit to Uganda, stay cautious under normal driving conditions as some drivers in Uganda are exposed to inappropriate speed, unpredictable driving habits, pedestrians, livestock and also avoid travelling late at night.



The attempt by some criminals to cause rural scare by throwing leaflets, stealing vanilla from the gardens, occasional murders and rape has reduced significantly in Uganda resulting in a sharp increase of Uganda police force in rural areas. Pick – pocketing, thefts along with other petty crimes are still common in big cities but rarely involve acts of violence.



There has been some improvement in the health facilities in the big towns especially private facilities but travelers are advised to carry with them their own prescription drugs, preventive medicines and a doctor’s note describing the medication in case you run short of some drugs on your visit.

Malaria is still a serious problem in Uganda especially in rural regions but travelers, who fall sick while travelling in malaria risk areas, are advised to seek prompt medical attention after returning home.

Travelers to Uganda should also avoid swimming in some lakes and rivers as most of the water bodies have been found to contain parasites which cause diseases like Cholera, Typhoid, Diarrhea and many more.


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Munyirwa Osman Ganja