There are so many incredible safari destinations throughout Africa but Uganda in particular is one of a kind. In 1907 when Britain’s world war hero, sir Winston Churchill visited Uganda, he was amazed by what he saw hence naming Uganda “The Pearl Of Africa”. Winston is quoted in his book published in 1908, My African Journey, “The kingdom of Uganda is a fairy tale, You climb up.. and at the end there is a wonderful new world. The scenery, vegetation, climate and more so the people are all different from anything else where to see in the whole range of Africa”.

Most people wouldn’t normally consider Uganda as a safari destination for first time safari goers but if one has gorilla tracking on their travel bucket-list then Uganda is the most perfect choice because a close encounter and consequent eye contact is the most exciting and poignant wildlife encounter in the whole of Africa.

Kidepo Valley National Park once voted by CNN as the third best national park in Africa is so un-spoilt that going on a safari there is like a solitary drive into the wilderness. Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi, Murchison falls and Mgahinga national parks are all held in particularly high regard on the the global travel agenda. Kidepo, Queen Elizabeth and Murchison falls are home to four of the big five offering authentic wilderness safaris and classic boat safaris in Murchison falls on the mighty Victoria Nile and in Queen Elizabeth on the famous Kazinga channel.

If you’re open to off-the-beaten path wilderness experience and you would like to appreciate the diversity for your first Africa itinerary then check out Uganda’s national parks because they offer remarkable views and activities from gorilla tracking, camping safari, boat cruisers, balloon safaris, birding safaris, sport fishing in the Nile and rhino tracking in Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

In Uganda, the Pearl of Africa you have it all without the crowds.


Author: Munyirwa Osman